Unique Features

Unique with outstanding benefits

  • Bio Shield

    Bio Shield

    Antimicrobial Disposers are treated with an antimicrobial agent molded inside providing protection against odour causing bacteria growth.

  • Torque Master

    Torque Master

    The Torque Master grinding system is a combination of computer designed and balanced components at 4,000rpm, working in unison to provide superior torque grind speed and long system life.

  • Silver Guard

    Silver Guard

    The magnetic Silver Guard captures most metal objects from falling into the disposer chamber. This protective feature helps to prevent damage to valuable cutlery. It also helps prevent damage to the disposer as well as expensive repairs caused by metal objects falling into the disposer.

6 reasons why you should choose KleenGard

  • EZ Mount System

    EZ Mount System

    Fast and easy mount system provides a hassle-free installation.

  • Permanent Magnet Motors

    Permanent Magnet Motors

    High torque motor that produces more power per pound than any other disposer.

  • Corrosion Proof

    Corrosion Proof

    Lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion.

  • Compact and Lightweight

    Compact and Lightweight

    Smaller & lighter than most conventional AC motor disposers by using space-age high tech components.

  • Removable Splash Guard

    Removable Splash Guard

    Removable splash guard, ideal for easy cleaning and replacement.

  • USA Technology

    USA Technology

    Latest design and precision engineering from USA.