Thank you for purchasing our product. The provision of free service is guaranteed by Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. for KleenGard® In-Sink Food Waste Disposer products within a limited time from the purchase date, subject to terms and conditions as listed below:

1. This non-transferable warranty card provides this KleenGard® In-Sink Food Waste Disposer unit a limited warranty coverage over a period of:

i. Thirty-six (36) months far Model SD 500.
ii. Thirty-six (36) months for Model SD 750.
iii. Thirty-six (36) months for Model SD 1250.
iV. Twelve (12) months from Date of Purchase for Labor and Service.
V. Twelve (12) months for the unit's Remote Control.

2. This limited warranty applies to KleenGard® In-Sink Food Waste Disposer products purchased from Gard Inc. Sdn.Bhd. or authorized dealerships for domestic use in Malaysia only.

3. This limited warranty is invalid when the factory-applied model and serial number has been altered, modified, or removed.

4. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that arise from normal usage within the warranty period. Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. and its authorized dealers will at its option and without charge, repair or replace the defective components or parts of the product on the condition that customer brings the product to KleenGard@'s authorized service centers within the warranty period. Any parts replaced under this warranty shall become property of Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. and be returned to the company.

5. The warranty on replacement units will be limited to the unexpired term of the warranty on the original food waste disposer.

6. This warranty card is not replaceable in the event of loss.

7. Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. may refuse to attend to any product installed in locations that may be inaccessible (such as out of service cover
- age areas) and/or hazardous to its service agents in any way.

8. To the extent allowed by applicable law, no other warranties, whether express or implied, including warranties of merchantable quality and fitness for a particular purpose, shall apply to the product. Under no circumstances will Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. be liable for any loss of profit, and special, indirect, or consequential damages sustained in connection with the product.

9. KleenGard® In-Sink Food Waste Disposer units purchased from authorized online marketplaces share the same warranty for units purchased offline from authorized stores/dealerships.

10. Lifetime corrosion warranty is provided for any KleenGard® product that fails to operate due to corrosion of the grind chamber only. Replacements are without charge for the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required to claim this lifetime warranty. Labour is not included.

Please note: You are required to present the warranty card together with the purchase receipt for your free warranty service, failing which Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. and its authorized dealers reserve the right to decline any warranty claims. A standard rate will be chargeable for all services provided which is determined by Gard Inc. Sdn. Bhd. and applies to all authorized dealerships.
What is not covered in this warranty:

1. Defects caused by the attack of household pests, fire, lightning, natural disasters, flood, pollution, abnormal voltage, or usage of generator.

2. Products damaged due to acts of God, accidents, misuse, abuse, negligence, or modifications; operation of the product contrary to the instructions contained in the product manual; or attempted repair by any other than service technicians from authorized service centers.

3. Products damaged caused by improper testing, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment, or alteration of any kind.

4. Products damaged caused by usage of non-genuine spare parts or accessories.

5. Cosmetic damage of any kind.

6. All accessories (fuses, sink-stoppers, and splash guards) packaged with
KleenGard® In-Sink Food Waste Disposer units are not warranted.