Convenient & Safe

The KleenGard Food Waste Disposer

Your Key to Convenience and a More Healthful Environment

Meal Preparation

Cooking is easier and faster when you can place all of your scraps right into your disposer. No trips back and forth to the garbage container.

Meal Cleanup

After meal cleanup is fast and easy. Simply scrape the food waste right into your disposer.

Reduces Odors

Instant disposal of your food waste helps eliminate unpleasant odors from your kitchen and home. There is no longer a need to store your garbage! When food waste is stored in a kitchen bin, this usually damp, organic matter provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Reduces Insect & Rodent Infestation

Elimination of odors, insects, and rodents makes your entire home a more sanitary and healthy place for you and your family.

Safe & Simple to Operate

STEP 1: Turn on the tap

STEP 2: Turn on the disposer

STEP 3: Scrape in food waste

STEP 4: Run for 25 seconds after grinding finishes