Concerns & Solution

In many major cities of the world, there is a perennial problem; garbage disposal. One of the most serious components of this problem is wet food waste from the kitchen. Torn and leaking garbage bags, nauseating stench, pest infestations, stray animals scavenging for food in uncollected garbage bins, are still common in our modern cities. Wet food waste accumulation, whether it is in your garbage bin, in your street or in your home is a breeding ground for rodents, insects and diseases. All these present a serious health hazard to you and your family as well as the environment.


A recent study conducted by the National University of Malaysia shows that Kuala Lumpur discards about 1.2kg of solid waste per capita/ per day. With the advent of mandatory trash segregation by September 2015 affecting most major cities, the use of food waste disposer will be a key component in helping households manage their waste, since food waste makes up about 74% of total waste discarded.



KleenGard Food Waste Disposers fit conveniently under your sink. It grinds food waste into small particles that are then flushed down the sewerage drain. By significantly reducing garbage generation and the disposal of non-biodegrable plastic bags into our landfills, you are also doing your part to help conserve Mother Earth. Kleengard disposers are economical to operate based on the fact that it is among the least expensive kitchen appliances.