About Us

Founded in 2001, Gard Inc. has grown with strong leadership at the helm of the company to become a reputable specialist in air solutions products and waste disposer for industrial and commercial use. We offer innovative products under these brands AireGard, KleenGard & HOUM. 

Everyday, tons and tons of waste are being dispose inappropriately and unhygienically. KleenGard In-Sink Waste Disposal was designed to provide a solution for hygienic waste disposal. 

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Our Mission

To create hygienic lifestyle management in any living and work space that contributes to the improvement of people’s lives with cutting-edge technology in a green economy.

Our Values

Our ability to thrive in this business through the years can be attributed to our honesty and integrity in building long-term customer relationships. Trust is earned as we always deliver on our promises and have our clients’ best interest at heart.

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Our Vision

To expand our business into the international markets by building and enhancing the brand awareness and credibility of KleenGard products globally.